Careers with DBA Accountants

DBA Accountants of Stirling, WA, attracts to itself team members of the highest calibre, who share our philosophy of helping our clients build their wealth and who intend to stay with us for the long term.

Equal opportunity

Appointment to our team and advancement within it, are determined by

  • ability to do the work and
  • ability to work in our team.

Advancement to any position is available to any team member.

Flexibility of working arrangements

It is our policy to be as flexible as possible with team member’s working arrangements, within the core requirements of running a professional office and serving our clients.

The firm wants its team members to have a satisfying work life and family life. Working hours and work at home arrangements allow for greater work/family balance. Our experience so far with babies in prams beside their mother’s desk has been overwhelmingly positive – for the whole office, not just the mother.

Team member responsibility

The primary responsibility of each DBA Accountants team member is to carry out their job excellently and so allow other team members to carry out their jobs excellently.

Team members have clear function and role descriptions and within their function and role, have a high degree of freedom and control of their job. Over the years, we have developed policies and procedures that allow team members to work with the greatest possible degree of delegation and responsibility in carrying out their work.

How we pay

Team member salaries are benchmarked to a published survey of salaries in accountants’ offices. After completing the probationary period of their employment, every team member participates in the firm’s bonus plan.

Want to know more?

We are proud of our work and our team. Call us, we are happy to show you around and answer your questions.


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Specialists in business, tax, self-managed superannuation and estate planning.

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