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All the help and support you need to operate your business profitably and with peace of mind.  DBA are business accountants, specialising in tax, self-managed super and estate planning.

How we help

We help you take control of your business and financial affairs and run them better.

  • We will do anything in our power that is legal, moral and ethical
  • Structuring for asset protection and tax minimisation  Read More: Special Report “Thinking About Your Business Structure”
  • Maximising after-tax profitability
  • Lodgments with ATO and ASIC, including late lodgements
  • Negotiations with ATO – time to pay, disputed assessments Read More : “Negotiating with the ATO”
  • Growing your business or down-sizing it
  • Buying a business – draw on our long experience and follow our due diligence process
  • Selling your business – preparation for sale, reverse due diligence, maximising your after-tax exit value
  • Finance – applications, negotiations with banks and brokers
  • Bookkeeping Support for you, your staff or your contract bookkeeper – computerised or manual systems Read More: “Computerised Accounting Software Top Tips”
  • Shareholder/Partner Agreements – Who does what, when and for how much?
  • Budgets and Forecasts
  • Business Plans, complex or simple, depending upon who you want to impress
  • Records Management – Assistance with keeping your required financial records
  • Referrals to our trusted network of lawyers, finance brokers, book keepers and other experts.

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We make it easy for you

We try to make it easy for you. The language we use is as non-technical as we can make it while preserving the legal meaning of our advice. We are willing explainers because it is important to us that you understand our advice and make a fully informed choice.

We provide you with written material to help inform and educate you at minimum cost. Click here for more on written material published by DBA Accountants to move you up the learning curve, ask better questions, gain more value from DBA and make better business choices as a result.

Special Reports: Detailed information on specific topics.

Books: by Murray Davey, DBA Director, on business and finance.

Checklists on different business and taxation topics to guide your thinking and help you know when to contact DBA Accountants for assistance.

We understand

DBA are business accountants.  We understand the business of your business.

We are available

We are at all times available to you to provide support and advice that is informed, experienced, impartial and aimed only at your benefit. Please contact us to discuss your needs now. Helping our clients increase their wealth. Specialists in business, tax, self-managed superannuation and estate planning.

Our Specialities

Located in Stirling
Specialists in the right advice to you Friendly & Reliable.

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